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hack a battle bot

it will go around autonomously via a ping sensor to detect obstacles
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   Here is a work in progress when my 6 month old falls asleep. It will be a hacked battle bot I picked up w/o remotes. I figured they would be more fun running off arduino. In this case Really Bare Bones Board and home made motor driver board used in my previous attempt. I basically just ripped all of the on board circuitry off and will use the body with the motors. This toy is set up similar to a tank where the left side wheels are controlled by one motor while the right side wheels are controlled by another motor. Should be cool. I attached the RBBB to a breadboard, the motor driver, and the ping. Should be a pic available. I'll post video once it is working. Thanks.

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If you leave the electronics in place you don't need a motor controller. Look at the circuit traces around the black blob of epoxy on the board. You can connect those traces directly to PWM out on the Arduino. There should be a forward and a backward pin for each motor. I think they were labeled, but it has been a few years since I messed with one of these. I bought a bunch of them after Christmas for $10 one year. They made a fun little platform for hacking around on.