Let's Make Robots!


...Progress for an un-submitted robot project......

This is a BIG project for me. 4 servos, 2 wheels, 4 LDR sensors, 4 tactile switches, IR tracker, 2 power supplies, IR remote control, and a speakjet, all rolled into one bot. It's been fun, but one challenge after another. This blog is to show my progress before I submit the actual robot entry.

.....LED Pain.............

I've learned some valuable info about LED solder temperature. Unfortunately, I learned it AFTER I glued the burned LED to the "nose" of my next major bot project. Bot info forthcoming. Curcuit worked fine on the breadboard, then i burn and glue it.


......................March 9: LED Pain resolved.........................

Replaced the burned out LED with another. Props to OddBot for the LED soldering tips. The nose/bumper/sensor bundle is most of the way finished. As you can see from the pics, it has four LEDs and four LDRs on it. The LDRs are now all connected to a ribbon to save me a headache later on. With my soldering skills, this was no small feat.


I'm using Fritz ..er .. AmandaLDR, but I'm connecting my LDRs the way described in the picaxe manual part 3. With breadboarding, I've found that all four LDRs can share the same resistor on the way the ground. The manual says to use 100k, but 22k is working fine (plus I'm tired of making a trip to the electronics store for a single resistor). I've used liberal amounts of hot glue for insulation. Next: a homemade tactile switch, some springs, and the LED power.

.....Sound Board...........

 I've also finished my little breakout board for my speakjet. This is my first successful (albeit ugly) attempt at building my own board. The board has a speakjet circuit and an L386 circuit.The green wires connect to an 8ohm speaker. 


The board has extra space because I was planning on building the speakjet circuit provided by the maker. But I didn't notice any improvement at all, so I left it out. Ditto for the extra caps and resistors on the LM36 circuit. The fewer unnecessary parts, the smaller the chance for failure, right? I didn't put any voltage regulation on the because the bot will only be sending it 4.5v max. I haven't plugged this into 6v, so I don't know what would happen. Probably should have put something on there just to be safe. Oh well.