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The black one

Navigate around via ultrasound
TBO_2.4.BAS2.01 KB

After seeing all this cool robots on LMR I build one my self. I used parts from an old computer, printer and old cassette recorder to fabricate the frame for it. For a while now I was looking for a simple yet powerful project bort to experiment with and picaxe 28X1 was perfect for my needs so I order it and put it to use right away. The robot is just driving around and avoiding obstacles at the moment using ultrasonic SRF05 sensor, but it has room for robotic arm at the top which is under construction and hopefully finished soon.














All the pieces used.


For the wheels I used two printer wheels which are normally used to draw paper in. I modified them so they can be screwed to the servo. The servos are at the moment driven by L293D chip, because the wires are soldered directly to servo motor. I will replace these two servos with two other and modify them for continuous rotation so I could control them with microcontroler. That will save me two output pins which I can use for the robotic arm or something else.


The rear wheel is from an old cassette recorder, it was used to guide the cassette strip over magnetic head.


At the back I made room for two packs of 4xAA rechargeable batteries, one pack to drive servos and the other for microcontroler.


the body is build out of sheet metal and sprayed black.



Bracket holding SRF05.





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sweet, lots of good scavenging.


i am currently also using two wheels for locomotion from a printer, and a small wheel from a tap recorder :P


can't wait for the arm, will it be mostly from scavenged things too?

 Very creative. Amazing what you can do with junk laying around the house. Very creative. Curious about the arm.

Well done! Looks great. He moves quite self assured. I cant wait to see The Black One with its arm.
I was watching how the head seemed to track the object it was avoiding as it turned. Was this on purpose or just a cool unexpected result from your code? Could you attach your code?
Here you are, I've uploaded the code. The tracking of the object is actually intentional. He is measuring the distance from the object while he is turning. If he is turning right his head is turning the opposite direction until he doesn't see the object anymore and he is safe to go forward.. You will find this movement in a subroutine "lookingRight" & "lookingLeft". I think i saw similar behavior in one of fritsls videos, I don't remember which robot though..

Thanx :D

I'm better at building them than programming them so I'm always interested in new tricks.

nice job, the casing looks great
Cool looking robot, like the use of printer rollers as wheels, and the platform shape is good too. Is the center servo for an arm to be added later? Or a water gun or something?
the servo is for the arm. I just need to find time to finish it