Let's Make Robots!

Mr.Green (aka Bean)

Panics when unsure

Mr.Green (aka Bean)

Arduino based Robot - explore/avoid obstacles with Behavioral patterns (to bring a bit of Soul).

Hopefully a new generation of Bots that need therapy
















Basic Components

I later ditched the infrared sensor for a more reliable ultrasonic sensor.
















Attached 8CM CD Wheels,

to continous drive servos.


















Mounted servos to DVD base.


















First Prototype,

Arduino piggybacked just to get software underway.














Arduino fits neatly into Altoids tin.



Ultrasonic sensor mounted to Micro Servo













Inside of the Engine.














On/Off is by using a magnetic "Reed" switch.

The Magnet is glued to an Altoid sweet.


















Night Mode - however not sure how long LEDs will last (overdriven).













Custom Wheels

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yeah , megatron is cool !!

This is quite a good idea. I think I'm gonna do a little robot too! It would be a funny gift if I make my boyfriend one and pt his picture for a face. Still, can use staples to get the parts together?


 here it is, my megatron :)

I tought i would be a quick work , but i have spent a lot of time for it ....

Yes it is a lot of hard work-(the elastic bands are so difficult to tie with the correct tension)

I noticed you used elastic and the toothpick method - my son has tested the models and he recons that its only the Hip joint connecting the legs that needs to be elastic band - rest in toothpick.

(By the way the elastic is good for about a year and then its time for a Hip replacement :-)

It makes me think if we can somehow "Motivate them" ---- must be possible .......


"Not now I'm Driving"


I have been an avid fan of Make for a while now - super resource for just about anything - "weekend projects - brill"

This is a great boost for Mr.Green (He is still jumping around the house Star-Struck ;-).

 thanks for the link and info ........

Make (...) sure to put it in our scrapbook. Check under "Quick Links".
can´t find it :S
Nive bot, and good work with video!!!