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My first robot - Ziltoid the omniscient

Navigates and avoids objects

Ok, This is my first go at it. I will post more pics and some video as well.
Yes I did name him Ziltoid based on a Devin Townsend project. This is the first incarnation of Ziltoid here, I will work on a second one, probably just modify this one with speakers and sound. Ok, I had a little fun with the 2nd video. It does not explain anything, but it was fun to play with. Enjoy!


Ok, I can go over what I used now and costs. But first, thanks to Fritsl for the inspiration

and his how to build your first robot tutorial. Could NOT have done this or want to attempt

to do this without your guidance. The above tracks and chassis are from SUPERDROID

ROBOTS for $15. The chassis is solid and the parts that came with it to put it together

were tooled very well.


The two motors are from SOLARBOTICS, 143:1 ratio , 90 degree for

$11.50. I think next time I would go with a faster ratio, but this worked for a starter bot.


Since I really did not have some of the proper tools for this kind of project, I had to go

and get some basic stuff, like a glue gun, a better soldering iron and an extra pair of

hands/alligator clip circuit board holder. So add in an extra $40 bucks or so for that stuff.


Of course the whole thing is controlled by PIXAXE-28X starter pack with USB programming

cable. This was kind of the big single cost which was a total of about $73 from SPARKFUN.

The only problem I had, was once it came, the software CD was melted and un-usable.

No problem though, just went to the PICAXE web site and got the editor and manuals for free.


Add in L293D -Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver for about $3.50 from SOLARBOTICS. I could

not find the PICAXE servo upgrade kit anywhere that did not cost me an arm and a leg for

shipping, so I just used the 330 ohm resistor and had to do some searching for header

pins to hook up the servo and IR sensor. Found some 1X10 header pin connectors at

IEC for about $0.31 for 10. Problem here is that I bought like 10 sets for about $3.10

and paid over $9.00 for shipping. Lesson learned? Yea, buy whatever you can at the same

site at the same time and save on shipping. Used a Hitec HS-322HD servo from ROBOTICS



I used the Sharp GP2D120 IR sensor with the IR sensor cable from ROBOTICS CONNECTION.

Cost for those was $9 for the sensor and $3 for the cable.

Other than the basic design change with tracks instead of wheels, the only other change

made was I added some header pins to the A/B motor outputs and connectors to the wires

from the motors so I could easily add/remove the motors and or board to another project

If I needed to. This was an awesome first time experience and thanks again to Fritsl and

everybody here for there input and knowledge. Hopefully this will help some other beginner

start on his, or her's robot. Now on to Ziltoid II.....INDEED HUMANS!!!!

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nice one.. i will love to see the movie.. =D



Excellent. I had to look at the superdroid website. 73 bucks for UK postage? Maaaaaaaan! 

God created the integers; all else is the work of man - Leopold Kronecker

Anyone got any idea where to source these tracks in the UK?



God created the integers; all else is the work of man - Leopold Kronecker

Do you have any problems with the tracks popping off?

No problem with pop-off's. The kit comes with 1 motor and a gear box. I put that together first and tested the motor and tracks. It actualy comes with a very good and powerfull gear box, I just couldn't use it for this project.  Removed the gear box, but marked where the axle was and then hot glued the new motors with the axles in the proper posistion and it fit fine. To date 0 pop-offs.

Looks like one solid base! Wood.. belt tracks.. mmm :)

I think you want to use 2 power-supplies - or find a battery clip with space for 4 batteries. (And rechargeables, will pay off in a day) 


/ Fritsl

Thanks!! This is all based on your first robot tutorial. Extremely well done, I thank you!!!!! Yea, I agree on the two batteries. Thats next, and I even have a post out there trying to find a good explanation on how exactly to wire two power sources. I have read most of the information here, but I guess I need a visual, not a schematic at this point. If you know where there is a good pic or diagram or just a really good explanation of how to do two power sources, let me know. My schematic reading is poor at best, I am more of a programmer.

nice updates, its always good when you do things thinking in future updates, that will make your robot more portable and more usefull in future.

Nice robot, i'm sure that will help everyone that see it.

 Good luck for  Ziltoid II

As i can saw in the movie motors are really with power problems, you shueld think in add a external power to motors, or a 4rd AA baterry to the pack, if you get something small to climb or something heavy, the low power will mean low torque, and the motors will not able to keep going as you want to.

Good luck with the project.

Yep, I agree.  That will be the next major inhancement for Ziltoid II. Still trying to get a feel for how to wire that properly, any help/suggestions would greatly be appreciated.