Let's Make Robots!

I really underestimated the creepiness...

So I've got "Dan" mostly built, just a few things remaining. Time to start working on the code.

As the title says, though, I really underestimated just how creepy this thing would look with this styrofoam doll head.


I'm gonna have to do something about that...

Oh, and I'll have much nicer photos than that for the final writeup. Borrowed Wifey's little purse camera for this shot (Argus Bean), and it really really doesn't like the lighting in my closet.


It looks slightly less creepy with a sharpie smiley face and a Darth Vader helmet.


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lol very nice do you mean like daft punk or just daft...both work
Just saw the photo with the hat, Daftvader?  :D
Daft Vader, with a Hitler mustache, on Prosac. I love him already!
Stay tuned. It may be close to done mechanically, but after the coding part it'll be aesthetics time ;)

it would look a little creepier if the sonar was in the head. i wanted to put my robosapien in a teddy bear and make that with red eyes...idk that would bee a little creepier to me.


i had to edit that...i wish firefox spell check worked in these text boxes 

That looks great!

I can see another "Chucky" movie in the making :D

I'd forgotten all about the Childs Play movies. Now I'm never gonna be able to sleep tonight.

<flash> 3:23 in the morning, in maneuvers childrens room:

Junior: Daddy? What are you doing in here? Can you turn the lights of?

Maneuver: Shush! Just go back to sleep. Daddy's just keeping an eye on your toys to see which one is moving.


Just incorporate a voice chip, and sample all the twins' lines from The Shining, and you're good to go. Just don't bring that freaky creation anywhere near my house. -Cause I'll probably piss my pants