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Good idea or Bad idea?

I redesigned our arduino shield and hoped some of you could give me some feedback on it. we get a lot of questions about how to hook up everything for the LARS robot we did. so i thought this would be a good idea for a beginner kit.

Light Autonomous Robotic Shield 

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I don't know if it would really matter, but you may want to increase the size of the power traces. Maybe add a ground plane too.
One thing that might confuse a beginner is that the connectors on the left side is ordered (from the top) servo, ping, two servos and three IR's. Since you mention it's for a beginner kit, I would suggest that you group the servo connectors together, add a little spacing, have the ping connector, a little spacing, followed by the 3 IR's. It would be easier for someone who isn't used to electronics that the same kind of connectors are next to each other and grouped together.