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here is an autonomous robot that has a plc as brain and an IR sensor with relay output.When the sensor detects an object, it will turn away from the object.
I have been very inspired by Frits robot with the yellow wheels.
I use a speed controller from velleman electronics to control the speed of the 2 gearmotors, and the servomotor is without electronics I control it with af relay and the potentiometer in the servo goes to an input on the plc, so the robot knows where the sensor is and which way it must turn.
The sensor turns from side to side and stops when it detects an object and starts again when there is no object
Update 10/4/2009
finaly Easter and more freetime to play with my robot. I added a new video and some
I added a motorcontrol to the pwm motorcontroller so that the robot starts slowly and stops slowly ( the 3 last pictures) watch video
Update: 12/4 2009 
Found this inside a old computermouse 3 encoders and some switches

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cool bro

i want video, please


what would you like to see??? there are already 2 videos
not exacly "silent"
no it will never a sniperrobot!!!! ;-)
Nice, looks like you've put a lot of work into this one
Robot mate, i cant wait to se where you go with it. 
Thanks, i just found a old computermouse and found som nice encoders what i would use to measure the speed of the robot

Nice gear, bro!

Robot looks promising!

I am pretty sure that you will need to move that scanning head WAY faster if you are to ensure it does not run in to stuff at full speed! :)

Hey - someone clever should make up a formula for that - rik? Speed of head needed for speed of forward motion..

I have actually thought about the speed of the scanning head,but i will test it an then speed it up if necesary.

The scantime is right now 4 sek. and the motor runs at the slowest possible at 1,2V from an regulator (LM317) similar to an 7805 regulator but it can be adjusted from 1,2V - 35V and 1,5A (nice littel fellow)

wow.  dreamy....


wish i had one of those cool looking threads