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Video editing issues

So a lot of people want to use the lmr watermark on their videos, but how do we do it?

Please comment what programs you use to edit your videos, and I will use my connections toget information on each one. Maybe we can get a little FAQ going on this guys!

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If you download a copy of (ImToo MPEG encoder" it will process films to a large number of formats.

Super trick - it will convert the first 5 minutes of any video for Free - yes free (full version allows unlimited conversion)

(Most of our Videos are less than 5 minutes anyway :-)

One plus point - it has a 3GP format - super to download your <5 minute masterpeices to your Mobile phone to impress your friends.

I just downloaded it. If the video length is < 5 minutes it will only convert the first half of the video.

I am using Version 3.1.41 and i have just tested it with a 10 Min film (convert avi to 3gp) and it processes the first 5 mins for sure and shorter films ie less than 5 mins render fully no problem.

maybe later versions  have been adjusted :-(  to stop this.


EditStudio 6 covers all angles for me - well worth the money.


By my experience it is very easy to use:-

Allows text  overlays including subtitles easy for LMR Logos - check my Mr.Green Vid http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5629 this is with EditStudioPro (i use version 5.x).

Exports to avi or wmv even DV for DVD fanatics

Also has a blue screen mode ie film your bot against a blue background and you can add your own cgi etc background - works well


PS  Using freeware packages can lead you (and have led me ) into compatability problems.


This is what I could come up with using Vegas 7.0


Nice tasted in music ;)

<lousy impression="ButtHead">
uh, huh huh huh. You know this band's name, Beavis? It's "uh-huh".
</lousy impression>

hehehehe. thankies

just an old vid from when I was making Mr. Tea. I had to give the nice cam back to my folks, so I couldn't record a new video with the logo -_-

When I actually have a Linux machine going, I use a combination of Kino, Avidemux, and FFMPEG. Kino gets the video off the camera and translates to something Avidemux can understand, and is only used with certain cameras. Avidemux is for editing and effects and stuff. Then FFMPEG is for converting and compressing to get decent file sizes for upload.

Cinelerra and Blender can be fun to play with, but I haven't managed usable video out of them yet.

Right now I'm screwed cause this winders machine I'm stuck with doesn't play nice with the Quicktime (.mov) my camera spews out... Still haven't figured that out. I'm not about to pay for some video suite I'm only gonna use until I get a real computer back ;)

Windows Movie Maker wouldn't open the .MOV files straight from my camera. It errors saying something about a non-supported codec or something.

Following advice from a comment somewhere I simply renamed the file in explorer from "blah.mov" to "blah.avi", hit OK to windows complaining about changing file extensions, and now WMM imports it just friggin fine.

Freakin ridonkulous.

I use ULEAD Video Studio 7se. To create the transparent LMR logo, I goto the overlay tab, select the small PSD file from the logo kit, specify a zoom factor so it fits and adjust the animation settings depending on how I want it to scroll on the screen.

The full screen logo with the white background is one I made by editing the logo in the kit. I insert the image then select one of the programs 3D transistions to get effects such as the box spinning off the screen.