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Video editing issues

So a lot of people want to use the lmr watermark on their videos, but how do we do it?

Please comment what programs you use to edit your videos, and I will use my connections toget information on each one. Maybe we can get a little FAQ going on this guys!

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Yea. Like Corel are going to give that away for free. Nooooo. those corporate thugs will do the same thing they did to WinZip.
That's why I do what they promised and give myself discount upgrades.
I'm looking for a good freeware solutoin to add the LMR logo. For the meantime, I try to recompress stuff to DivX using VirtualDub before uploading to YouTube because it uploads quicker.
Windows Movie Maker 2.1  (included in XP SP2)   -   :(

Hmm, you may be stuck with just adding in text titles on Windows Movie Maker. In order to add actual images as an overlay to your video, it takes some XML know-how, which I am completely non-compatible. :P

Here's a link with a tutorial and info on how to do it though: http://www.wearmc.50gigs.net/tutorials.php