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basiac stuff
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* avoids obstacles

* avoids edges

*detects motion

*has a external rf camera

*made a software that records what the camera sees.

just baby stuff. 



trying to put a bluetooth device for the motion detection 

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cool bot

Hi. It's a very good looking bot. It was necessary to use any kind of hub  to attach the wheels to the GM9 shaft?


here in LMR for a while because im on a on the job training and haven't been able to update my bot. it is still in the works. i already found a new chassis for it and hope to be back to work this june. im still thinking of ideas to improve the bot..

You can share your project to everyone !
yes of course thanks!

thank you. ^ ^


i was thinking of an application for my robot.

get it to do something other than avoiding stuff

How do i put the 2nd power supply to power the servo and the motors?


Remove the jumper down at the bottom right (where the red V1 square and blue V2 square are) and plug your motor/servo battery pack red wire to the blue square pin, and the black wire to a yellow square ground pin. Leave your present pack plugged in as is. Might be good to add a switch or 2 somewhere, if you got 'em.

Photo from Frits excellent AXE020 pin description.


cool robot!! I like the simpel design, and the use of old computerparts is great (just what the world needs).hope to se a video soon