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basiac stuff
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* avoids obstacles

* avoids edges

*detects motion

*has a external rf camera

*made a software that records what the camera sees.

just baby stuff. 



trying to put a bluetooth device for the motion detection 

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Great job with the bot, but can you tell me where did you get the chasis for the bot?

i recycled my keyboard case for the chassis and an old printer for the wheels..

im also considering on buying tamiy thread set and platform to keep it neat

The GM9 motors actually are better than the most of the Tamiya motors, at least more usable at higher voltages as shown by Pololu. There are Solarbotics replacements that work well at 6 volts (rather than 1.5 to 3 volts) if you want the Tamiya gearbox.

hey thanks.

but i still love those threads from tamiya cuz they' re cheap. ^ ^

im not thnking of replacing gm9 with tamiya. but thanks for the info.  ^ ^

Yeah, international shipping is a bit of a nightmare; seems to cost as much for the postage as for the items if I order from the US. At least customs didn't impose any additional taxes on me (that I know of). At least it stops me spending *too* much on new gadgets...

i was like crying when i saw that the TAMIYA TWIN GEARBOX which cost almost $10 was almost only $6 here.

And a Tamiya set of twin gearbox, thread clog set and a  platform was a total of only $16.548. T_T

i was shocked for 10min. then i should have saved alot on the items and A LOT LOT MORE on the  TAXES.

Oh men....... I wasn't looking enough. hobby shops here are rare to find. i should have just ordered the picaxe and the srf05.

when i go to my on-the-job training this april i will hunt for hidden hobby shops in the capital city.

oh well. lesson learned.

^ ^

Nothing beats picking up broken or 2nd hand printers or VCRs for a couple of dollars from your local recycle shop. They give up tons of great doo-dads that you can use in robots. If you can get them free from family members its even better!


when I started messing with robotics, the same happened with me, buying items and than finding them cheaper in other shops.. now I do A LOT of research before buying..   :-)

your robot is looking good so far, keep it going!!!

Your battery-clips all seam to be less than 4 cells.

My experience tells me that one get's happier with 4 - specially when using rechargables, which I also recomend. They only have 1.2V

one is 3 pack and the other is 4-pack..wil update very soon and post some videos.