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basiac stuff
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* avoids obstacles

* avoids edges

*detects motion

*has a external rf camera

*made a software that records what the camera sees.

just baby stuff. 



trying to put a bluetooth device for the motion detection 

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You could run from 4.5V, below that your sensors may play up. See my walkthrough on voltage regulation if you need some help.
Congrats on getting started, hope your bot goes together well. Thought of a name yet? Sometimes that can be seen with how it reacts when running your programs.
i haven't thought of it yet. ^ ^
Great to see your first robot in the making. Look forward to seeing more from you :-)
Hey, and welcome to the site! :) Cant wait to see your future robots.
thanks. i was just thinking of putting a microswitch and add edge detection just like your blizz bot ^ ^