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Arduino Hexapod

I youtube'd arduino and found this great video of a hexapod and thought it was intreasting.

 The second video is a slightly differnt robot (i think) but the same idea. 

 I also have a question if anyone can anwser, i know the picaxe 28x1 is only able to control 2 motors with forward/ backwards. but this is a hexapod. Is it just that the servo cables are Y-splitted and the front and rear legs are run off the controller track? Or can the arduino control more servos. a little confused

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alright thanks for clearing that up for me guys.
Your very confused. The picaxe starter kit comes with a motor driver chip that handles two motors but picaxe chips will drive up to eight servos using the servo and servopos commands. If you strip a picaxe of it's bootstrap code and program it in it's native risc assembly language then the chip can control more servos depending on number of pins.

Servos have motors in them, but they aren't run like "regular" motors.

An arduino can handle up to 20 servos. Picaxes even more (so I've been told).