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Lieutenant Dan

Pushes itself along

Lieutenant Dan is my entry in a junkbot contest. The "sponsor" wanted humanoids. I think Lt. Dan qualifies as a humanoid, even though only the top half of one.

Lt. Dan is mostly made of my old Erector (Meccano) set that I've been carting around for about 25 years. The servo brackets are just bent girders. There are a total of seven servos; three in each arm, and one to pan the head. Object avoidance is via a Parallax Ping))). The brain is my pseuduino project running an ATMega168. All the parts were things I already had, resulting in a total cost of nothing (although I had to "borrow" servos from my R/C trucks).

Sorry I forgot to put this at first. Lt. Dan definitely drew inspiration from fritsl's skiwalker.

Still to come are further refinements to the code, and some kind of rubberized grips for the hands.



Here's Dan after an unfortunate encounter with the refrigerator. Instead of reversing he managed to tip over forward and break his neck. This also prompted me to re-code his arm positions.



Here's the picture that made me realize the head was kinda creepy.



And here's his sharpied smiley face and Darth Vader helmet. Slightly less creepy this way.

 *UPDATE March 24, 2009*

There are more photos here. Some zoomy-er shots of the ghetto servo brackets and such. I am going to consider this particular one complete now, mostly because I want some of the parts back. I will, however, revisit this platform in the future with higher end parts.

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I added a couple more videos of the earlier "testing" phase. They're not a whole lot brighter, maybe a bit. Hopefully it gives a clearer shot of the base.

I will take another video and some better photos soon, once I buy some more white light bulbs.

It's really, really good!

Looking forward to seeing more lit videos, daylight / sunshine would realy maky my day, it looks so alive!

a lot of personality ...

very creative...

nice +++

Reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places :)

Five points to OddBot. That was the other source of inspiration. I just can't find a screenshot of that (though I haven't really tried very hard)
Click on the link to trading places.

very funny!! looks like he lost his legs and managed that "wheels platform" to be able to survive in the wild world  :D

and less creepy with the hat  :D

Haha love it! Reminds me of the demon babies from doom 3.

Did you bolt the servo brackets to the servo cases?

I super glued a nut to the back of the shoulder servos and ran a bolt through for a pivot. That's the bolt that flies off in the video... haha. When I tried to put it back I ran it in too far and popped the nut off that servo too. Kinda obnoxious.

Tomorrow I'll get some closer photos of the arms showing how the brackets are put on. I had to modify some angle girders to get the holes to line up with the servo mounting holes.