Let's Make Robots!

Death of a tripod, a polymorph tragedy :(

This was my camera tripod used for videoing my robots at ground level.


After videoing Turbo Trike I left it in the car by mistake. I forgot all about it. After the car being in the hot sun for nearly a week, I found my tripod like this............


It made friends with a few other bits and pieces in the console. It can now measure tire pressure, drill 13mm holes and make the car smell nice. 

For those who appreciate abstract art, click on the image for a bigger picture.


Never leave your polymorph in a car, especially in the middle of summer :/

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I regret to inform yopu that unlike others waiting in line for that new beast. I will sadly stiull be here.....on the floor laughing like crazy..........Only way to invento I'd say!!!!! way to go you made my day here.

I'm glad others find it as funny as I did. Although you can tell I missed my tripod with the new, shaky video of my Polymorph Caterpillar.  :-)



If the choices are living in a country with strange animals where your toys melt if left alone. Or living in my own country with only 245 days in a year and where snow is a common construction material, I think I'll stay in Norway thankyouverymuch.

There is actually a greater risk of me not finding my car because of snow, than any polymorph deforming inside it (unless it snaps because it freezes though)...

For a start that was New Zealand, secondly the wombat was innocent :-)

Admittedly I would prefer snow, welding and furnace work would be more pleasant.

Perhaps you should try a hobby like this guy in Alaska. Very arty.

That's pretty cool (pun unrealized) ice sculpture, but I like this Alaska guys hobby even better. Though there hasn't been any news from there lately. Here's a  video in development and a running video.
Think of it this way you didn't so much ruin a tripod as you found a cheaper way to heat polymorph.

Sorry to hear about your mishap, that was a nicely crafted piece. But congratulations on all the new features it picked up :) It's a very non-deterministic approach to building a swiss army knife. Dump a bunch of tools and instruments in a bin with some polymorph and let chaos theory decide what your new tool's capabilities will be :)


I meant to ask you if you had not forgotten about your tripod in the car.

But I totally forgot. My bad. ;-)

lol, very arty :)