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Picaxe Not Connecting

Well for some reason the new picaxe software is not working at all for me. My computer is not connecting to the picaxe. I have my chip in the right way, I have done a reset, I have made sure in the options it is on the right setting (08, and com1) I have 4.5 volts, and I have even changed the batteries. I don't even get any blue in the download progress board. I just get the same error message. It is really annoying as the old program editor was able to connect without a problem. Anybody have any ideas?

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Ok, how do I  change the processor and clock speed? In the options menu?
Well I have been trying to get it to connect for the last two weeks and no luck. Any other suggestions other than the ones I mentioned earlier? Or else I think I may just have to get a new one. 
I have tried with my picaxe 08 proto board and 28x1 with serial. And yes, I did adjust the settings when I switched. I am using serial and I haven't tried the old version because I can't find the download. I'm going have to go find the CD.
Well, I finally found the cd with the old version (took long enough) anyway still no luck. I'm thinking of breaking down and just getting a new starter kit. Unless anybody has any new ideas?
Sorry Ant, still no luck. Thanks for trying though.