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Picaxe Not Connecting

Well for some reason the new picaxe software is not working at all for me. My computer is not connecting to the picaxe. I have my chip in the right way, I have done a reset, I have made sure in the options it is on the right setting (08, and com1) I have 4.5 volts, and I have even changed the batteries. I don't even get any blue in the download progress board. I just get the same error message. It is really annoying as the old program editor was able to connect without a problem. Anybody have any ideas?

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Sorry Ant, still no luck. Thanks for trying though.

It might not help, maybe the com port has changed? If youre using windows, check in the 'Device Manager' to see what com port it is. 

I've only used a usb to serial converter so I don't know if this will help with serial but, with the picaxe connected, go to view and options and Serial Port tab, then click Refresh and see if any other ports come up.

Well, I finally found the cd with the old version (took long enough) anyway still no luck. I'm thinking of breaking down and just getting a new starter kit. Unless anybody has any new ideas?
I have tried with my picaxe 08 proto board and 28x1 with serial. And yes, I did adjust the settings when I switched. I am using serial and I haven't tried the old version because I can't find the download. I'm going have to go find the CD.
Did you try the older software to see if that worked? Other than that , what board are you using? Is it usb or serial cable? 
Well I have been trying to get it to connect for the last two weeks and no luck. Any other suggestions other than the ones I mentioned earlier? Or else I think I may just have to get a new one. 

goto view and select the options menu.

All your settings are then displayed for you to check.


Ok, how do I  change the processor and clock speed? In the options menu?

You probably need to reset the options to suit your processor and clock speed as well as com options. Installing the new software probably caused it to change to default settings.