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IR module circuit

Howdy all.

Has anybody connected their picaxe to a RadioShack 276-640? Its the IR reciever module you can pick up at any store ... and the only one I have access to.

I set it up with the same circuit shown in JKlug's walkthrough, but no lcuk

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Because i'm noob who's so excited about the world of robots he just discovered that he wants to learn everything at the same time although he should start slowly, step by step?




This part will not detect levels of IR.

If you wanted to make an obsicle detector like oddbots, why didn't you use the sensor that oddbot recomended... and used... the one that works like a LDR but detects IR, not light?

No no, i got the sony-only thing, but i actually don't want to decode a signal to remote-control a robot, i just want to know the amount of IR... you know, like Puff the dragon when he detects a candle, or like the IR obstable detector made by OddBot. Exactly like a LDR, but with IR instead of light

But i might be misunderstanding the component, it looks like this one is made to decode a signal, and that the one i'm looking for is something else...

Sorry for the mistake, but everything isn't lost for me, now i just have to find a sony remote!

Thanks for the info :D


 [Edit] i actually ordered this few days ago. I think it's more what i was looking for, and that i got completly confused about the two components, and mixed them... But that's great, i'm going to have an IR detector and an IR decoder! :)

I have used this sensor in over a dozen situations. I soldered it directly to the 28x board, made PCB circuts, made circuits by soldering leads together and shrink-tubing every single one worked using the example in the manual. I have also used 2 or 3 other brands of sensors, all 38k -all worked...

Now, one thing I don't see in any of the above post/ comments is the word "Sony".... YOU MUST USE A SONY REMOTE!! And with that, it must be one for a TV or set to the TV output. Now, the picaxe will send OUT IR signals for different brands but will only INPUT Sony. This is your problem.

those devices are usually active-low

remember to place a cap between +vcc and gnd or this device do not work !

build a 38Khz astable vibrator with a 555 and connect it to a ir led for test purpose.

it have to work....

I'm using the same code as shown in the walkthrough. I haven't been able to find any sort of datasheet (you'd think RadioShack, being the most ubiquitous seller of components, would have something like that). The package shows the pinout, but it doesn't seem to do anything in the picaxe-manual circuit.

Don't wire it the same as the picaxe circuit. For some reason they show a 330 ohm resistor in series with the positive connection. I'm guessing their part is designed for a lower voltage.

Connect the positive pin directly to the 5V. Put a 10uF capacitor directly across the positive and negative pins. Connect the output directly to your processors input.


Just to be sure, you mean that instead of that :


we should wire it like that :


Because i also have an IR receiver that i got from some eletronic device i took apart, i connected it as said in the manual but couldn't make it work...

Still need the 4k7 pull-up, but lose the 330. So the second circuit is half workable. If no 4k7, you have the output trying to fight the 5 volt supply to change states, which won't happen. THere is a circuit here that shows the use of a pull-up with the Radio Shack part.
Just to be sure, when we say "Radio Shack reciever", are we talking about this? I am.