Let's Make Robots!

Durex(lol) the Vibrobot 01

Hunt cigarettes

this one is derived from Vibrating rings condoms


........... the ultimate source for pager motors :D

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According to a web search these "devices"cost between $8 and $12US each. 

Once you get tired of using it for its oigninal purpose or have worn out th3e battery, it's better to recyle it into a bot rather than disposing of it. Then the cost is zero.

For the record, pagermotors can be purchased for $1.50 US each at Pagermotors.com 


i like the feelers 

are built with thin brass wire spring shaped  twisting it  round a toothpick  then on the tip there is a soft stretched drop of hot glue :)

Haha, I don't think that's what they meant it for.

How much was it? Since it's meant for uhm.... uses, maybe it's waterproof? I could see this used for a waterwalker :D

robotic spermatozoid

 Will have to check my local supermarket tomorrow - (before they have Sold out :-)

How do you explain to the Lady shop assistant that you need to buy the whole stock and not just one ????..........


Cool inquisitive Bot - super close investigation of Tobbaco.


By its amourous actions i dont think it wants to smoke it........

You don't explain at all. When the clerk looks slightly inqusitive you just shoot back with the biggest, goofiest grin you can muster. Maybe drool just a little bit.

Nothing you could have said would come anywhere close to what would then be in that person's mind.

It's amazing to find a robot builder with other interests......
totally 5***** !!
this would be a great advertising for Durex  :D

5 stars for inovation! The new electric toothbrushes and razors also have small vibrators in them.

Hmm... What would you get if you attached vibrating stimulation rings, tooth brushes and razors? Imagine the uses??

I guess you mean the ones that look like a normal toothbrush rather than the larger conventional electric toothbrushes, although I suppose you could use these for something bigger.