Let's Make Robots!

Durex(lol) the Vibrobot 01

Hunt cigarettes

this one is derived from Vibrating rings condoms


........... the ultimate source for pager motors :D

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That's what I told to a friend...

 " You CAN find parts for robots almost anywhere!!!

Realy like all your robots!


Lol, i haven't seen that anywhere :P  I love him. Good Job!
thinking outside the, ehrrr, outside the, duhhh, aghemm, conventional thinking ways...
totally 5***** !!
this would be a great advertising for Durex  :D
It's amazing to find a robot builder with other interests......

Haha, I don't think that's what they meant it for.

How much was it? Since it's meant for uhm.... uses, maybe it's waterproof? I could see this used for a waterwalker :D

robotic spermatozoid


i like the feelers 

are built with thin brass wire spring shaped  twisting it  round a toothpick  then on the tip there is a soft stretched drop of hot glue :)

According to a web search these "devices"cost between $8 and $12US each. 

Once you get tired of using it for its oigninal purpose or have worn out th3e battery, it's better to recyle it into a bot rather than disposing of it. Then the cost is zero.

For the record, pagermotors can be purchased for $1.50 US each at Pagermotors.com