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Sir Golden-Tail 4.2

Collect small objects and move around obstacles
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Hey Y'all,


Well, this is Sir Golden-Tail.  SIR Golden-Tail.  Not Golden-Tail, or Sir Gold, Its SIR GOLDEN-TAIL!!!!


In fact, me and my friebd had a bet:  If I placed seventh or highr (because we had never even placed before) in the robotics competition with it, he would call it Sir Golden-Tail.  But, any lower, we had to promise to call it Golden-Butt.


But, we won second!  Yay.


Well, Let me explain what I mean.


This robot started out like a funky-looking robot made from scraps.  It got its name from the origional gold-colored strip of metal bent into a swirl to serve as the back wheel.


It must lift up coins, batteries, and balls and legos into a can in an obstical course.  This is year two for us.  The first robot was a VERY heavy monsterous robot, 30x30x20 cm.  It had a giant robot-hand.  The hand stunk.  This one was Sir Golden-Tail3.5 (I have no photos, sorry).


The current version is 4.2.  It has a bucket instead of a hand.  It is much lighter and snazzier (???).


Here are the current features:


-Two wheels

-One back wheel


-Pan to collect objects

-Vibrating motor to shake them off into the bucket

-Bristles to move around object

-"Panic Button" to violently shake the robot if anything gets stuck (may compromise structural integrity)

-Interesting lighting effect when arm is activated

-Funny victory music

-Neat-o paint job


Old 3.5 Features:




-3 Wheels


See the video for a short demo (must unzip first)!


Thanks for looking!

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Congratulations on second place! Looks good :)

Nice Efforts. Is this robot for a botball???