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PIC18F452 and DC motor controller.

Hey folks.

 Becausse the PICAXE kit already ships with all the components (er, most of it) glued, I wanted something more challenging. So, I am trying to build my robotic brains from scratch. 

Whilst I have come across quite a few (video) tutorials with circuit diagrams using PIC microcontrollers, I am not able to use a motor controller. One such is here: http://www.seattlerobotics.org/encoder/200001/simplemotor.htm. 

As advised in the circuit, I use SN754410 to drive my motor. But, my simulations with ISIS7 isnt working. Could someone tell me what I could be doing wrong? 

In my attempt to solve the problem, I googled away and learnt about the PWM way of controlling the motor. Circuits posted there are also failing my simultations with ISIS7. 


At the moment, since I am not sure about the components (becasue I am still simulating) I havent bought the hardware. 


Any advise, links appreciated. 




Gautham Kasinath



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Perhaps you should try actually building the circuit rather than believing that a simulation is correct. BTW, I haven't found any simulation called ISIS7, perhaps you could post a link. Can't diagnose a problem with unknown tools.
I haven't used or seen the ISIS 7 simulation but I'd recommend using a simulator to setp through your code one line at a time and see if it is actually doing what you want it to do.  most simulators let you see the registers of the microcontroller so if you setp through one line at a time you can easily see if there is some error and what line it is on. 

simulations don't always simulate everything the microcontroller can do.  If your confident in your code i'd build the circuits and try it out.