Let's Make Robots!

First Real One...

A nice, simple base running on good ol' Fritz code

Well folks,

Here's another entry based on Fritz's great code. One goal I had was to not have anything soldered directly to the main board. Instead I installed another board for hard connections and to allow me to expand in the future. I am thinking of this as a great, solid test bed for additional sensors and experimenting with code.








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Nice little bot! If the vid were better it would be a perfect 5 :)

Hey Krum,

You know, I really didn't watch it after I uploaded to youtube... Man was it choppy! I think it was shot at 15 frames a sec then compressed twice -once coming out of iMovie and youtube compressed it again! I am re-zjinking it now!

--Thanks man 

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

nice bot =D gratz
Very nice!!!! I like how you mounted everything with the thought of expansion and updating!

Do you build you own "L" brackets for the front spockets?




But really they are just some angle iron... I used 1x1x1/16" aluminum angle. There is a little hardware store here on Cape Cod that has a pretty nice rackof different aluminum pieces -Square tube, round tube, angles and barstock, it is wicked expencive bu when you only need a little it is worth it. It drills like a dream and you can cut it with a regular chop saw (safety glasses!!)  

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!