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Spektrum R/C Bot


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hi, to avoid using pulse in have a look around my blog rcarduino.blogspot.com Duane B
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    I have one of those as well and am trying to write code for a quadrocopter but when using pulsein to read the pwm it adds horrible delays in my code... Just wondering if you use something other than pulsein?

nice robot dude
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thanks man : )
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That's an expensive robot! Did you modify the servos yourself?

Batteries vary for different size robots. The size you have usually uses a 4 AA pack of NiMh. I usually have a couplen sets, so I can have one set charging while the other is on the robot. 

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lol the controller, (the dx6i) is a 6 channel r/c helicopter / plane remote, it was new when i bought it and was around 300$ it also came with the reciver, i use it with some of my helicopters but thought this would be fun to try. To mod the servos i followed frits's guide i think.  Thanks for your advice with the batteries : D