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I need to learn Arduino yesterday!

G'day everyone. I have been asked to do some consultancy work for DAGU electronics and need to learn the atmega processors ASAP. I can design the hardware ok but will need some help with the software. My first concern is can an Arduino control 8 servos?

I want to try and have the polymorph caterpillar running off of an Arduino processor in a week ! :0

After a quick panic, I regained my senses and did a site search. Ok an Arduino can control 8 servos but I will still need help.

Any suggestions on on software libraries? Can anyone translate picaxe basic into C? 


Update 17-3-2009


I have ordered some arduino mini pros and a USB-serial breakout board. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in with advice. Hopefully by the time they arrive I will have some software to load into them. These look great. Very small and very flexable.



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If you have any experience at all with C style languages (C, C++, Perl, PHP, anything) then Arduino will be easy. The full language reference is here, and you've already got the Playground link for libraries and such.

It is possible, even easy, to use the Arduino IDE for programming a straight AVR (that's what I do all the time now). You do not have to use an actual Arduino, or the Arduino bootloader, or the USB programmer. You do need an ICSP programmer to program it without the bootloader, but those can be cobbled together using a parallel port (if you have one) and a few resistors (a "real" one would be nicer though).

And a big congratulations regarding your other thread!

I have tomorrow off so I will be going through all of this then. I can make an ICSP or buy a kit so that's no problem. I did teach myself to program in Borland C++ 15 years ago for another potential job. So hopefully I'll pick it up again fairly quick. Eventually I'll need to be able to program any of the AMTEL controllers. The Arduino seems like as good a place as any to start.

you can drive 8 servos using arduino, but not with the standard library. you can use the one sugested above or this one (servotimer 2)


i think this one is better as you dont have to keep calling refresh() every 50 ms.

servo timer 2 works pretty much the same as the standard library exept you write(pulsewith{ms}) rather tham write(angle)

here is the link to download  the servo timer 2 library files


I can also highly recommend servotimer2  -

with this i am able to get a finer control of the servos by using the pulsewidth.

Plus 8 servos are supported.

That sounds more like what I am use to. I will look at both.

What is the easiest developement software to use? I was looking at AVR studio. But I've read about others.

The actual Arduino IDE is pretty intuitive.  You can DL from http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.

8 Servos, I think so

 see http://www.arduino.cc/playground/ComponentLib/Servo

 I have one, i like it


all the best


Thanx! I will be looking at that site heaps.