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What microcontroller shud i use?

hi i plan to make a hybrid-quad-walker with wheels on it's feet.  i have figured out that it need to dirve 12-14 servos depending on if it need a neck and head etc. and it also need to drive 4 motors or 2 motors! and then it need to drive a ultrasonic sensor and a few simple inputs! it's best if it is programmed with a USB port  

so please help me find a (not too expensive) microcontroller...

i found this thing...   but i'm only going to buy it if i can use it with the picaxe!                                                              do any know if, and how to use it with a picaxe?

i also found this thing...   but will this work with the 28x1???    it says it includes a 18x picaxe!?                                    do any know if, and how to use it with a picaxe...    i mean the picaxe 28x1!!

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Alright man,

The picaxe servo driver is run off of I2c lines. I2c is just a way of your picaxe to talk to things like servo drivers and is actually pretty easy. It has room on the board for a 18x if you want to use one, but you don't have to. It has connections for the I2c lines to be connected from say, a 28x no problem. The other board you suggest works off of a serial line. Once again, it will probably work with a picaxe. If you had to choose between the two, I would go with the 21-servo picaxe controller. This is only because picaxe's website has picaxe-specific info on it. I have bought a lot of parts that will work with a picaxe, but the sample code they give you is for a adruino or a basic stamp... Then you spend a couple days trying to figure out the code to make it work. When it is picaxe brand, you don't have to worry about that.

A L293D motor driver chip (the one on the picaxe 28x board -the "start here" one) will control 2 motors fwd and rev. If you want 4 motors, you will need 2. Note, the L293D chip will really only run smallish motors. Try to run a big motor and you will fry it.

Picaxe has a USB programming cable or you can get the regular cable and a USB to serial converter.

thanks for the advices...   i'm going to search the net to learn a little more about the picaxe-servo-thingy... and the i'll buy it!


Have you ever wired anything before? Have you ever written code before i.e. Basic, C, assembler?
yes i have made lots of small simple robots...   and i have made a robot arm with picaxe and servos etc.     and yes...     i programmed it too...    and like you adviced me to, i read the manual...  
Most microcontrollers have a board that goes with it to control multiple servos with only using 1 out pin on the microcontroller. I know picaxe and ardruino both have one. Search our site or sparkfun for boards. I would, but I'm being lazy ;)