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Start here components

I was looking at the start here and decided to start ordering Picaxe parts. I saw a shop in the US, finally, so I could order from there.


First of all, they're out of stock on the 28X1. Would it still work if I got a 40X1 instead?

Second, they don't sell starter packs. They also don't sell USB versions. My computer doesn't have a serial port. Would it work correctly if I got the 40X1 and bought the USB to Serial thing, then downloaded the IDE online?


Thanks for the help :)


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The 40x1 has, well, 40 pins --the 28 has 28. The for will not fit in the 28 board. If you plan on making the start here bot exactly, ain't gunna work. USB to serial can be done any way you want --either the USB cable from picaxe or a regular USB to serial converter.