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DIY Picaxe 28x1 USB Headphone Jack Programming Cable?

Hi, I'm somewhat new here.


I'm in the process of building my first Picaxe robot based on the 'Start Here' Bot. So far I've recieved  my motors and wheels from Pololu and my Picaxe 28x1 Starter Pack from Sparkfun Electronics. Sparkfun said that a programming cable wouldn't be included, but they charged quite a wad of cash for one, so I bought the kit anyway since I couldn't find it anywhere else relatively cheaply like I could here. The only other one I found cost like $60.00!


So, when my Picaxe arrived, there was no cable. Darn. The manual said one was included, but Sparkfun must have removed it just to make me mad. Boy, will they get an earfull from me.


So now I'm looking to make a DIY programming cable. The programming cable input/output on my board is a headphone jack, looks to be stereo. The manual says that Picaxes are programmed with three wires, so it should be stereo. I would like to build it USB, but I think I should be able to use serial also. My computer has one of those old 25 pin pink female printer plugs open, plus several USBs. Anybody know of a good tutorial or instructions on how to accomplish this? If anybody knows of a cheap programming cable online, that would be greatly appreciated as well.




P.S. I want to build it USB because I have all of the materials already, but a serial plug should be inexpensive, so that is OK as well.


UPDATE: Found a serial diagram and saw that a USB programmer is a bit more complicated than I figured. Thanks anyway to all those who would have helped out. 

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I'm sure OddBot answered a similar quaestion to this a month or so ago.

Have you tried looking on the RevEd website. I think there's a circuit diagram for the USB programming cable there. For example, this

Looks like I'm not doing USB... I saw the picture on the link you posted... More complicated than I thought! I am going to make a DB-25 serial cable, I found a diagram for that. Thanks. I'll edit the post...