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Phidget Internet Lamp

So here we go.  First time participating here on letsmakerobots.com

This is a module I created in C# using TCP Sockets, SQL server, a web page, and my local home PC.


There are four parts to this application:

  • A client service installed on my local PC uploads and stores my IP address to a SQL server on da' net. If the client service notices it's IP has changed, It updates that database.
  • A socket server app on my local pc controlling phidgets and accepting TCP connections.
  • A client running on my web page. If a visitor clicks a button to turn on my lamp, the client on my web page querys the database for my local IP address first, and then creates a connection to that IP address. If the connection is sucessfull, it sends a message to my desktop PC.
  • My local PC accepts the connection and parses the information. My local PC then turns on my desktop lamp with a phidget interface kit and a relay switch.

My phidget internet lamp can be turned on by anyone in the world at http://www.semicton.com/SandBox/PhidgetInternetLamp/tabid/56/Default.aspx

Thanks for allowing me to share my project!

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Hello Fritz! I am very interested in that sort of project.  

I purchased a cam and It will be here in a few days.  Great Idea. After reading your comment, I realised that simply providing text on a web page  as a response to user input, is not good enough. 

For this project, i think,  i can provide a web-service with a button and a video feed that can be as small as needed for your site. As small as  div off to the side, such as an advertisement (But who likes advertisements?), with a button to turn my lamp on for 5 seconds and a live video feed?  Not sure how well my bandwidth would hold up with the traffic your site could bring to my feeble desktop hehe.

I really like your idea of two fighting robots. 

Door bell is cool too!  What ever you want, sounds really fun! 

For two robots, I would need two phidget bots, (I have two robotic arms, a SES and a Lynx6.) that I can work with for live video. Maybe a Boxing match with boxing gloves and sensors?


I'm always looking for projects and this sounds very fun.



Hey Semicton, welcome here, and thanks for sharing!

LMR is owned by us, so let's hear it if you should have any funky ideas - like letting us remote your dorbell on the frontpage or whatever, we can implement it right into the site :)

Coolest project ever would be some sort of remote programming or perhaps just direct controlling of 2 robots "fighting" like sumos or something like that! Let me know if you should be interested, I'd be happy to create the basic robots and send them to you to throw in some magic IP-stuff. Finally we could implement it on the site somehow :)

I would be very interested in a project like this!

That would be a very impressive section of the site!

And it would include some very educational walk throughs!

Thank you very much!

It makes me very happy to see people already posting comments on this project!

Robologist, hey I met you on Trossen right?  Great to see I already have friends here on LMR.  You are right. a detailed walk through would be a great project to post here on LMR.  I'll start thinking how I will go about doing that.  However, there are many components that many people may not have, including a hosted SQL server and web page that allows socket communication.  I've only started here a few days ago, and I noticed a lot of blogs post their tools and the hardware they used.  I'll try to make sure I do the same in the future.   You snail bot is awesome.

Wntrmute, thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, Web-enabled projects certainly add flavor to a project because you can share them with anyone in the world!  Very fun stuff. Thank you for your nice comment on my TTL laser guide.  I'm very happy to know someone has found it to be useful. I really like your bot.  It is very cool.  And I really like all the videos you posted about it.  For me, watching videos of people and thier robotic projects is very fun!



Yep, Semicton, been enjoying your videos over at Trossen too. Thanks for the comments on Robosnail, got it mostly rebuilt but no video of operation yet. Need to get building something again, though not finding some of my parts and tools I want, due to a move. Looking forward to what you come up with.

Web-enabling stuff really seems to add an extra dimension, doesn't it? The remote telepresence software for the robot board I use is what tends to impress people the most, even though it's pretty much plug-and-play. I'm impressed that you're putting together your own infrastructure: I live in fear of the day CMU takes the terk software and servers offline (although in theory I could set up my own relay and host the client applet, if only I could figure out how...)

Had a bit of a wander around your site, and was thrilled to discover the TTL laser guide- looks a lot easier than hacking a battery-based laser pointer, so I may well pick one of those up next time I'm online shopping.

 Oh, and of course, welcome to LMR!

Pretty cool, I like the internet controlled stuff. I remember one where a guy had a tank shooting paintballs you could drive around, think he charges now. And one by BP that had a bunch of treaded vehicles running around a diorama. Hope you can post a walk-through of what you did, and where to find the tools.