Let's Make Robots!

why do it exists?


building robots and seeing other robots, always the same problem emerge in my mind:


Why a robot is built and exists?

what is it's purpose?

who benefit its existence? 

it's a phylosophycal matter :o




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I guess it depends on the purpose, if the purpose is to wash your dishes, first you plan everything, what kind of dishes should it clean, glasses, pots, forks and knifes, etc, then you study the best components electrical and mechanical, the best and cheapest suppliers, and all the marketing strategy to sell your product / brand.


if the purpose is to spend a good time building something just for the fun of not knowing what will be the final result.. why not?
I guess it is what they call Art   :)

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yeah you are right
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anyway now i rememebr why i did open this post !

because all guys produce nice robotic bases

able to move, sense the evnironment, avoid obstable and so no

and evey time i say WOW NICE! and after a while I ask myself: and now?? what have it to do this robot?


same think whaen i buld a base, I think: yeah this base is great.. but now??

see my SOMIMORO for example, it's a good solar robot base... but what have to do? follow a line? boune the walls? mmh :\


no!   I think the idea of the PURPOSE have to emerge before of the technogical implementation

or not? really dunno





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Some guys like fast cars, others fast computers. Some... fast knitters.

We love robots! :D

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My robots exist so that I can build them.

Their primary function: to exist as proof of my ability to make them exist. That's useful enough for me.

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The main reason I work in robots is to learn from it.  I've learned about electronics and programming microcontrollers working on my robot projects.  It also has appeal as a puzzle.  I think it's fun to figure out how to make a machine do something in a physical environment.
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in my opinion, if a robot is funny, if it makes smiles on people face, there is a good reason for a robot to exist!

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for me the purpose of a robot is to do somethink for itself...

my friends always say:" you are able to build robots, but your robots are useless, build somethink of usefull! a robot which can do somethink of usefull for you..."

I say no, robots are interesting when it seems they live their life trying to acheive their objective.. the objective may a stupid think like to follow a black line... and they have to be more autonomous  as possible...

For example, i think the Pummer is  my best robot, yes it do very stupid thinks but is totally autonomous because it continue to live for years without my intervention. this is my idea of robotic...

so PERSONALITY and AUTONOMY are key features in my opinion


(crappy english vol.2) 

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I love useless robots  :D
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I feel the robots I build are some kind of an extension of myself, sometimes I like to have all the control over itself, make them remote controlled, other times I like to give them some rules to follow (void obstacles, make some sound, blink an LED, follow a human, do some girky thing.... )

I love to see others robots, and see the ways others think and solve problems and find solutions..  it´s a world full of infinite creative possibilities.

I´m amazed when I see a kid or an adult looking at a robot and comment that it seems to be alive.. they laugh, they say its so seet and cute, they want to look at it more closely, check the details..!! 

I guess that a cool robot makes a human feel more like a human.

(crappy english)   :-)