Let's Make Robots!

why do it exists?


building robots and seeing other robots, always the same problem emerge in my mind:


Why a robot is built and exists?

what is it's purpose?

who benefit its existence? 

it's a phylosophycal matter :o




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I don't know why it posted as a block!

 Everything from drum playing robots to questions of existence!


This is a question which could be asked of any human endeavor, why do we play football, why travel….. I think that for most people they do things because there is a return on the investment in time, we work (for money to buy components ;-); we sleep because we are tired and so on and so on.

For my point of view Robotics offers a number returns:-

The mind is a muscle, it needs exercise, and robotics is great exercise;

There is apart of some of us which have a need to build things, robotics offers infinite variety and challenge; Robotics blends art, engineering and science in a package which is also fun,

For some, robots form a tool to understand something, Walter Grey used Robots to understand the mind, and Robots are often used in AI as a tool to study theories. I long time ago I tried to build a robotic ant (lot bigger), I think I learned more about Ants that way, they are an absolutely amazing little creature. Look at a human; just consider vision, what we take for granted is actually remarkable difficult.

For some, robots offer a mechanism to go somewhere we cannot (Mars or better Europe), deep undersea, or places we don’t want to like mind fields.

For me, it’s a little of all of it, besides it is fun!

There are probably more reasons and justifications than there are robot builders.

Why was a robot built and why does it exist?

Does it need a reason? Do we have a reason to exist (Existentialism), the reason is in the mind, the yellow drum machine for example, it exists to entertain, it does not know it. Perhaps we are the same; we are not smart enough to know why we exist.

Who benefits from its existence? 

The creator, may get a return on investment, I think thousands would have been entertained by the YDM. I think it depends…

What a deep question for a Thursday!

If it is still fun for you  Keep building, this is a great group




 These are intended as general open statements that apply to Robots and Humans  ................

People are pre-programmed as a part of the life experience which often makes them Robotic too.


People create certain tried and tested patterns that are never challenged (Robotic) .....

Solution :- patterns should be challenged and re-programmed - go sideways - find a new way to do the same thing.


If the neighbour cuts his grass - then we have to cut the grass too. (Robotic)....

Solution :- Cut your grass before the neighbour and follow your own garden path.


People form groups (patterns) - Similar people attract Similar people (Robotic)  .....

Solution:- Join LMR and profit a 1000X.



 People like to control ..... however people do not like to be controlled. (Humans 1 : 0 Robots)

When we create our LMR Robots we express our inner creativity - when it responds back to us (blinking RGB Led) we identify with it (already it becomes Human Like) and this is one of the strongest Human needs (the need for Feedback or acknowledgment).

LMR Robots continuously give feedback on all levels (mostly Humour judging from the latest hilarious videos). (Humans 0 : 1 Robots). 

i wouldnt say that people are pre-programmed, what we experience in our life is our programming.

There was this storry about a boy who was abandoned and raided by an animal, when it was discovered it didnt act at all like a human, didnt even walk on its 2 legs. sort of deffends the point.

 Yes there are many examples of this and i agree that the environment you grow up in affects you greatly.........

 I agree also that not all people are programmed however its so easy to fall into programmed patterns...

this is a god's point of view...

ya probably it's the right point of view ... 

the fitness criteria of a robot is the chance to resist to be scrapped from the creator

it's a matter of personality. more the robot have personality , more it survive from scrap...


It's fun to build. And f it's good, it's a petty to destroy.

That's why they are build, and why the good ones often keep existing.