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duracell-2 is base on fritsl designs, and i was hoping that the robot could be a track-bot from land target of inside and outside. The robot that i made has over items which might be expensive. here are the supplies.

  • ultra sonic range finder
  • 2 vehicle chassis kit
  • PICAXE servo upgrade pack
  • PICAXE-28x1 starter pack
  • l293d motor driver

these are the supplies that u could get it at any places ^_^

  • double A batteries
  • small size wires
  • adhesive tape
  • lego pieces
  • some flat woods

well for this robot, it follows sometimes and if it gets lonly or something like that. the robot is made from the instructions that i followed on fritsl's How to build your first robot.

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yes it built. but it stopped working like every 3-7 hours. its not the battery. i replace the battery but its still not working. then i realize that the code was wrong. so i had to find a different code. hey man im a college student. im always busy. (i dont live in a dorm room anymore) i still need to take a picture of my robot and show it but now my robot page is deleted. (i didnt deleted it). so agian the robot is build but it keep dieing. not from the batteries. it was just a code. get it.

In your main post, you said that you had built it, but still needed to write the code. Over here, you say it sometimes follows you... Is it built or not?
well for the robot i made, sometimes it follows me. like im the master. wich i sorta like dogs wen they follow u. i actually invented the type of bot that can follow people it knows.

I don't get it+ You are planning to make a robot that should follow you inside and outside?

If yes, you will have a hard time!

Take a look at this attempt: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/655

Its made by a guy who knows what he is doing, and have made many robots.. but even he could not make it follow him as far as I know! (And with good reason, it is an extremely complicated task)

no really it does. every time i walk away it just follows me.(of course i no u guys dont care but it sounded intersting)