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RP5 Tracked Chassis Gray

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This durable tracked chassis is a complete robot base for your tank-like robot. With a battery holder, two DC motors, and two independent geared drive trains included, this chassis is just a robot controller and some sensors away from a complete robot. This chassis is gray.

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thanks for your help.

do you think it's possible to use this: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9117

in the back wheel's?

isn't it better?

 i never used encoder's soo, i really need your help. ;)


thanks in advance 

It is a good idea to put the encoders on the non-driven wheels because then if the drive wheels skid inside the tracks you won't get a false reading.

As for the encoders you mentioned, they could be connected to the rear wheels easily enough but as they are mechaical they will wear out. Optical encoders are more reliable.

waht kind of encoder can i use in this plataform?


The gearbox has one gear with a hole in it for encoding purposes (can be seen in the photo). A simple LED on one side and photo transistor will give you 4 pulses for 1 revolution which works out to aprox. 1 pulse for every 40mm travelled. Higher resolution could be achieved by printing a disc with black and white sections. Glue the disc to the gear and then using a reflective IR sensor.

used this for my  arduino robot platform, nice chassis especialy if you can find a rechargeable battery pack to fit it.


Just use rechargeable AA batteries in the battery holder provided. This is a DAGU electronics product. DAGU is the company that is now producing my caterpillar and splatbot robots. In the near future they will produce other robots from LMR.