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Solarized PowerSmart Head v2

Seeks light

This PowerSmart head circuit was solarized, courtesy of Darrell Johnson, and dubbed the Solar Power Smart Head (SPSH). The SPSH circuit has been tweaked from time to time (each time improving its efficiency);

Free-forming technique:





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Nice SunBot - looks like it will be needing Cool Shades and 50 UVA-UVB suntan lotion ......hehehehe.......

Its impressive how fast it moves..... nice one

Your steady stream of robots that are different to everybody elses design here at LMR is inspiring. Kepp it up noiseØ


What you are seeing are standard robots built using the BEAM robot philosphoy, a synthesis of Biology-Electronics-Aesthetics-Mechanics developed by Mark Tilden at Los Alamos Labs about 10 years ago. Mark is also the creator fo the ROBOSAPIEN and is now at WOWWEE Toy company.

BEAM robots do not use a micorprocessor, but rather achieve interesting "behaviors" though the use of "neurons" built from inverters, logic gates, resistors and capacitors.

BEAM robots are usuallly solar powered and use "recycled" compnents 

For more information and some very impressive designs, check out the following links.





There is also a Yahoo group for BEAM robots. 



yeah I know that perfectly well thank you very much, but:

It's still cool that he bothers to post'em HERE. By doing so he's adding to the diversity here at LMR, making it the #1 one-stop-shop for DIY-bots

this looks great and very easy, ill try my hand at building one, thanks for the schematic and keep up the good work : )
I Love the happy face!!!  :)

Love the face on it. A very happy looking little creature :)

You keep posting these. Makes me want to make more BEAM bots again.