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You MUST hear this!!!

I was over at Boing Boing and saw this post. A man was qouted over and over .002 cents per K of data on his phone. He used about 30,000 K and was charged $76. After talking to 3 or 4 different people, he could not convey the idea that .002 dollars was different than .002 cents. The recording of the call is included, which must go on for like, 20 min. -not trying to explain the mistake, but just trying to explain basic high-school math!!!

I am posting this here as I assume most if not all folks around here are probably the math type and should get a kick out of the call. At the same time this could be an indication of America's educational system...  ...or lack there of.

I couldn't believe the patience of this guy. --Scream along with me.


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lol a bit old but i just discovered the blogs. If you go on youtube and search verizon math fail you get a video of it



That was beautiful !   

There is a passage in "Backatcha" by Ken Kesey where a chicken is held down to observe a line on the road.  The chicken freezes, because of the omnipotent idea of a geometric "Line" becomes blazingly apparent to the chicken. It succumbs to a universal truth and is dumbfounded by the beauty of it.

Unfortunately, there was no similar rapture with the Verizon call center, even though the caller was eloquently explaining the concept of "Decimal".

I loved it ! 



im in an american school, can't you tell?

☺ ☺ ☺  ☺ ☃ 

heh heh 

"America's educational system...  ...or lack there of."


I think it is based in Canada...

Canada is in America, just as the USA is. And Mexico. And Disneyland.

Well, maybe not USA, but I am sure about disneyland.

yea but when people say america, most of the time they mean USA, unless they say "americas" with an "s", otherwise it refers to all of the american countries (including south)

The Disney reference was in there because I ran all out of winking smileys. Don't take the banter too seriously Maltik.

In fact, I do not really believe that "Americans" are stupid.

"In fact, I do not really believe that "Americans" are stupid."

Hell, I do, and I'm from here. 

never... :)
This is terrifying. These people make me wanna scream and yell and bang my head. The victim is unbelievably patient.