Let's Make Robots!

turtle challenge entry!


my e-mail is neblick@westnet.com.au

this is my turtle bot that is made of that wonderful yet failing lego!

it goes forward and awoids obsticals at as basiclly as POSSIBLE.

it will see an object less than 20 cm infrount then it will move back turn and then continue.

instead of having a castor wheel i use a touch sensor.

when the souch sensor isnt being touch it waits 2 seconds (so it knows its upside down) then flips itself over.

lets have a look. (its not working so go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRe2C2Q1bpM)


i hope i get those tracks!

hope you enjoy the updated robot.

ive just realised a really bad fact.

my robot doesnt qualify.

its meant to flip itself over. in the vid i flipped it over. it only flips itself back.

so if no one else enters i may have a shot at it? perhaps im still in it?

update #2

ok i ve reamped the robot to your requests frits and i hope you like it.

i also made it so odly shaped that it has only two ways that it can fall, upsidedown or on its feet.

in one of the videos the robot is unable to flip itself over but thats only cos its running on 2 rechargable AAs.

i gave it a little help that was in the third video.

dick smith rechargable bats are great!

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I built a turtlebot once, mine was a wall follower


(horrible photo quality, sorry!!!)

Picture of prize; Apparently the last Yellow belt tracks in the world (all is sold out, haha I wonder who bought all these yellow belt tracks?)

I also included some nice mounting brackets.

Congrats again.

/ Fritsl


Picture ofhappy post-office-lady with the prize :)


/ Fritsl

so is that a you have won or a you are winning?

this would be the first time I'd won something using skills not luck.

but just like murphies law.  we will have another competitor.

murphie is sleeping, and it will take a lot of time until i be able to show my robot... i wanna make it as my future platform to program on, so or someone else fall from the sky, or you are the winner =P

Very nice. I agree, looks like a winner. Congrats, Neb.


Looks like a winner. I wish I was that talented at your age. I was too busy playing with my NES!

if this is for votes, fritsl, nevster have my vote to win it. =]

well um. my nxt has served me well. and my mum now has an interest in this site.

thanx guys

if i win i will use the tracks to make more interesting robots. such as a tank.

well for me they will be more interesting. =)