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[Need help with Hardware (Encoders), see last Picture] 

Hi There, although I just registred, I've been visiting this Site for a while. Now that I started my own robot, I thought it was a good Idea to share it with you.

The future "Brain" will be an Atmel but I am not shure wich one. Right now I am using an 8515, but i Think I'll eventually have to go for an atmega32 or something like that.

Although I know you all got some great working and funky looking wheelbases and chassis, I decidet to buy an RC-Tank and go with that.


After getting rid of all the crappy electronics that came with it, it pretty much looked like in the Main-Picture above.

Then I made a cartbord mock up of the top I am going to build. Later on it's going to be made of thin sheet metal.


The wohle in the front will fit this 16x4 Display:


I've started on making a metal top, but I didn't get very far yet, here is what it looks like right now:


My drive Unit right now consists of an ATiny 2313 that gets speed and direction data via SPI-Interface. It then sends direction and PWM to a l298-Motor driver.

It will controll the speed with two rotary encoders from Sharp. Here's a picture of how far i've got so far:


Hope you like it so far. Once I get the encoders working too, I will transfer this on a PCB, but I don't want to do it yet, because custom PCBs are expensive^^

Ahh, finally my parts arrived, but apart from being a challenge as far as programming goes, i don't know how I am going to mount my encoders on my motors. Any Ideas? Please comment.


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I also have a Heng Long Bulldog tank, same model as you have, which I intend to convert into an autonomous bot. I'll be following your project with interest =)

from where did you buy those encoders and the disks?

Nice work, looking forward to seeing more!


Look at my avatar. Thats the same setup only different tank model. Good taste.
But a big one will hopefoully follow next week or so

on your base look a lot more robust though. Mine are just plastic where as your look pretty sturdy. 


Its a great base to work with, loads of room for trying things out. Hopefully i look forward to seeing what you do with it.  

Looks like the same base i used for my first bot guilbot. 
It is very similar, they are propably all made in that same factory in china ;-)

It looks very nice so far.  Where did you get the RC tank from?

I got it on ebay, the make is called HENG LONG. I think they are to expensive, but if you can get a used one, it's a good deal.