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I am building a power supply unit





  • Port A: LM117 Regulated 1.2v - 13.5v Output x2
  • Port B: LM117 Regulated 1.2v - 13.5v Output x2
  • Port C: LM117 Regulated 1.2v - 13.5v Output x2
  • Port D: 7805 Regulated 5v Output x2
  • Port E: 7812 Regulated 12v Output x2
  • Port F: Raw 18v Capacitor Output x1
  • 3A Amperometer
  • Variable Threshold Overcurrent Beeper Circuit





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Looks like a good start. Make sure you use big heatsinks on the regulators. I recommend a 1A resetable circuit breaker on the input of each regulator. Better than replacing fuses or smoking regulators.

If you are using a bypass transistor to get more than 1A then obviously use a different rating circuitbreaker.

How about a PC power supply? I've heard of folks hacking those, can get several voltages from them. I've thought about it and have a few to experiment with.