Let's Make Robots!

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sciguy77's picture
Nice Bristle bot! I used tons of hot glue for mine too. :D
fritsl's picture
having angled bristles actually makes it move in a direction.. like forward! :)
noise0's picture


nice bot !

keep testing , and have fun :)

Nicolas's picture
mattmitch's picture

hey I found moving the weight around "fixes" the spinny problem, also bending the bristles helps too

:) Matt 

Nicolas's picture
i'll try that, i had to use hot glue, which i really dont recommend (lol) but i couldn't figure out what else to use besides some type of glue, and with hot glue at least i can scrape it off with a razor blade if i need to change something, i'll try messing with the bristles some, and see if that helps:)
Nicolas's picture
like i said, its very simple, but i kept seeing them, both on the web and on this site, so i decided to make one, mine does seem to be over-powered though:)  i'd like to try to make a solar powered one next i think
rik's picture
That is one cool over powered bristle bot!