Let's Make Robots!

turtle challenge entry!


my e-mail is neblick@westnet.com.au

this is my turtle bot that is made of that wonderful yet failing lego!

it goes forward and awoids obsticals at as basiclly as POSSIBLE.

it will see an object less than 20 cm infrount then it will move back turn and then continue.

instead of having a castor wheel i use a touch sensor.

when the souch sensor isnt being touch it waits 2 seconds (so it knows its upside down) then flips itself over.

lets have a look. (its not working so go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRe2C2Q1bpM)


i hope i get those tracks!

hope you enjoy the updated robot.

ive just realised a really bad fact.

my robot doesnt qualify.

its meant to flip itself over. in the vid i flipped it over. it only flips itself back.

so if no one else enters i may have a shot at it? perhaps im still in it?

update #2

ok i ve reamped the robot to your requests frits and i hope you like it.

i also made it so odly shaped that it has only two ways that it can fall, upsidedown or on its feet.

in one of the videos the robot is unable to flip itself over but thats only cos its running on 2 rechargable AAs.

i gave it a little help that was in the third video.

dick smith rechargable bats are great!

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a flaw i found was that the arm was a strut to hold it in a position that stopped it from being able to get back up. buti am able to easily fix it. i will have a new video and new... moddified robot. to win the challenge

the navigation is completely  different system to the flipper arm thing.

in the video you see while the robot is upside down its wheels are still goin. the navigaiont system is never interupted. which has its advantages. ill get onto that tonight then for you fritsl

Nice job. I'm not sure that it doesn't qualify though -- on the turtle challenge page, it says that your robot has to be able to lay on its back and flip itself over, but I don't understand that to mean that the robot has to be able to flip itself onto its back. A turtle can't flip itself onto its back, after all :) Of course, Frits is the one to answer that question officially.

The question I'd have is about the fact that its arm is at an angle. What if it gets flipped over in the other direction? Is there a way to make the arm sit flat so that it works no matter which way the robot gets flipped over?


As "official" here, I would like to say 2 things:

A) The challenge is poorly written (sorry) - But I will not re-write it now that we have a contester.

B) There should not be any angle that the robot can lay on, without it flipping back on it's "feet".

TCG is right; It is not the point that the robot should tip itself over. The point is that if the robot somehow is turned "upside" or "sideways" or whatever possible.. it should always be able to flip onto "navigational" again.. And show that it can drive afterwards, navigating :)

So.. I'd say; This is one very good attempt. If you can show that there is no angle that it can lay on, causing it not to be able to flip back..and if you can show that it navigates after it is back.. Then I send you a package :)

It looks to me that there are several angles in which it can get stuck, where "the flipper" does not work? Am I right? if not, then show us :) 

/ Fritsl