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Hey, Frits. I'm Dan..

Lol, when seaching the web for something else, I just stumbled across an old posting of mine. Below it, I found a historical start in a comment:

"Hey, Frits. I'm Dan.."

"Historical".. why, you may ask  :)

Well, I made up the original LMR, and today Dan is hosting it & programming extensions etc, and this very post was where we met, aparently :D I completely forgot, but now know why he later was going on about me and Arduino ;P

The Internet is a wonderful place! http://letsmakerobots.com/node/80#comment-351

(Sorry if this was not very interesting for any one else.. but hey! Let's hear it for other first-time-contacts? :)

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Oh well, we missed last year's bump. Who cares! Node numbers now in the 26000s!

Amazing what can happen in a year. I can't wait to see where this site goes a year from now. :D

Me neither.. but Z; We will have to wait at least a year!


Are you guys saying that the LMR site is being hosted off of a BS2 instead of real servers?!?!?!


Welcome to the least serious side of LMR dent.

Haha wow. And almost exactly a year ago. Amazing that we were only at node 80 at that point, and now we're at 6000. And I never did buy that Picaxe :)
You mean LMR is still running on that BS2?!?

If you look into the history of the PICAXE, you will find it was orignally a cheap knock off of the BS1 for the Britich school system and used a "slight" variation of PIC BASIC.

Based on cost requirement, certain engineeering choices wee made. 

Since then, both companies have taken very different tracks for improvements.


Ah, really? That makes sense. As I compared the BS2 with PICAXE, I noticed how similar they were in capabilities and specifications.


I figured LMR would be running on a Commodore 64 at least!