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Failures and Lessons In Robotics

Trying to play catch up and getting a bit discouraged with my phidget servo control.  I'm starting to wonder If i can work with my boebot and have better results for the fun factor. Still,  I'm going to try and move forward on this project and hope I see some real progress here soon.

First video: 

Wow, Ok. It's a good thing my evil SES arm with phidgets does not have a boxing glove on it, else I might instinctively punch it back. lol.

I've been really tired because I was sick for the past three days but I wanted to show my phidget arm moving to a sequence of moves with my phidget servo control.

Certainly, as always, it doesn't go as planned. Of course, This is a hobby programming project so eh, what the heck. It's still fun posting my progress even though it hurts my pride and I humiliate myself in the process.

Certainly a few things to think about here before I explore the phase of inverse kinematics. Seeing the evil arm that I plan to unleash on a bag of doggy treats misbehaving in action like this does point out a few mistakes that I didn't not originally think of. I do not go into detail of whats going wrong here, however, I'll keep plugging away and get it right soon.

 Second Video:

Yes, my project is very much out of control at the moment .. However, I'm able to slow it down easily with one line of code. I still have a lot of work to do on it to get it ready to work with sensors and inverse kinematics, but that is the fun part that this hobby provides. ideas provide real solutions to real problems.

I do get a good laugh out of my first video while I acknowledge my failures and accept them for what they are.

a few quotes come to mind that help me continue on during the result of my failures, because I tend to be a major drama king at times :

"“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”
- Albert Einstein

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”
- Richard Bach

Here is a quick video of me slowing this evil robotic arm down to help me understand what I am doing wrong: (oh, and it's cuts a little bit short because the batteries in my flip camera died....)

Third video:

Me attempting to explain my servo control with out the actual hardware wired to my phidget control


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Is this a lynxmotion Kit? -And if it is, would you recommend just buying the hardware kit ( without servos and electronics) or are the servos an there really worth the whole price?

This is mostly the SES kit.  I did not purchase the entire kit at once, I purchased and parted it out piece by piece over the span of a year, maybe a year and a half, and I used a couple of phidget boards instead of the SSC-32 controller.  I'm using (5) HS-645mg servos and (1) 322 servo for the gripper. 

Is it really worth the price?  That's for you to decide,    For me it is, I'm just having fun. Worth is a subjective word that always complicates things.  I tend to purchase a lot of parts that seem interesting to me on a whim.  In this hobby, I know I can always apply them somewhere else and other projects.

Sorry if my question implied that it could also not be worth the price, if you like it and have fun with it, of course it was worth it, but for me i think the hardware-kit for the regular lynxmotion arm is a pretty good deal, you would propably spend more money if you were trying to build it yourself, but the full kit seems quite expensive to me, especially since i wouldn't use the original controller and software neither. Thanks for the precise answer

Naw, I tend to be direct and to the point in my replys.  Sorry if my reply seemed a bit defensive. It was not.  I was simply trying to answer your question.