Let's Make Robots!

A Theo Jansen inspired transport

Check this video, from the Make blog, especially for Rik.

I want one. And I got the same drill motors used, I think.


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After seeing this I know what I'm going to be going this summer.I'm ready for Frustration abound

rik's car <=> steel legs

So when's it going to be ready rik, 2013?


Then Maybe!

BTW: it only needs one crank shaft for both legs.

That is friggin cool.

Just a few more adornments, and a leather helmet, and it's a steampunk segway.

Unbelievable there still exist videos of these that I have not seen yet....

Twelve powered legs. Translated to my design, that would be 144 parts. Gross!

Robologist, please tag this as "Theo Jansen" for future reference.
Very nice, ultimatly it was just another skid steer bot. But it looks sooo cooool compared to tank treads or boring old wheels. Hurry up Rik and get those puppies laser cut. Forget about plywood and brass, go aluminium and ball bearing!

hurry <=> aluminium

Call it the disadvantage of progress. But if I change my strategy now, I would be pretty much starting all over.

Not True, you have the patterns. Being broke and lasercut ally parts are mutually exclusive!