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Help with motion tracking air gun project

I am a beginner when it comes to motion tracking.

a few of my friends and i have decided to create a common pvc air gun, but seeing there was very little challenge in that we thought it would be nifty to attach hat air gun to a x,y,z turret system and some how find a motion tracking system that will find movement and then fire at that movement... a very ambitious goal for sure. 


i was looking for possibly some pointer in a good solid direction on where i should pour hours apon hours of my free time into researching a tracking system powerful enough to search at least within a 100 yard radius. Also a very fast software that can perform the calculations required fast enough to still be able to hit the potentially moving target. 

 we know this is rather out there and ask only for direction and we fully guarantee this creation will never be used at the harm of animals of humans, merely just killing time in ohio. 

is this goal possible, and we are greatful for any aid given thank you.


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I think no sensoor-array could solve this problem, what you need is a camera and a software that detects motion, waaaaaay to complicated for me^^

Here's a paintball sentry gun on Ebay, just supply your own laptop, cam already included.

Check this video. There is some documentation and software here. Not quite 100 yards, maybe 30 or 40 demonstarted in the video about 3/4 of the way through.

Here's another, airsoft version.  And a reference design.


thanks for those links! I've been searching for documentation on this for a while.

None of the sensors commonly used on this site would have that range (aprox. 30m)

It would be easier if the target wore a flashing IR LED or ultra sonic transmitter

A beefed up ultrasonic pulse would be the best bet. Have 4 receivers (up down left right) pick up the echo and turn in the direction of which ever reciever detects the burst first.