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My first robot

This is a work in progress I shall be embarking on with a friend of mine. As first robot we are doing the robot from Fritsl's tutorial on 'your first robot' Yes, the picture at the moment is just the parts, unpacked as this is the stat of the robot presently, haha.
P1010379.JPG2.98 MB

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Aye, thats what i figured. I will uy more expensive parts later if im doing like a super bot :P And i shall be using fritsl's code so hopefully everyhting goes together how it should ;)

The IR is ok, and it's perfect for the Start Here project. If you use fritsls code it will do what it's suposed to do.

Sure, a ultra sonic unit is a sweet upgrade, but not an essential one.

Damn.. well ill make sure progress pics are not fuzzy ;) I have basically everything in the tutorial bar the cable for the IR sensor, haha. So i have a 28 pin picaxe start board with USB connection, a L293D Motor Driver a PICAXE Servo Upgrade Pack a Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor - 11.5" / Analogue and 2 Gear Motors with wheels As well as my own tools such as soldering iron, solder, cables etc. I have had a comment that the sharp IR sensor isnt the best but it will do for a first project :D
That's a huge fuzzy picture, but good that you've got a start with parts. What did you get?