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Multiple Processors

Not sure if this goes in here or programming ... I was wondering if it is possible to write to the brains of our boards using C+/+ or vis basic. net etc. I have grown up with Q/Basic and the only problem i havewith it is it can only excecute one program line at time, impossible for multiple executions of sub modules. And i was wondering if the above case = false, is it possible to have a couple of boards to process the same thing, talk to each other but action different modules? Difficult question maybe i know.. but thats me :P

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What "boards" are you talking about???  Picaxe, Arduino, basic stamp....

Reguardless, they should all be capable of talking to each other by serial link. Picaxe processors can also communicate with each other via i2c. I think Arduino could as well.

From what I've read of the Xbee modules (I'm waiting for mine to arrive), they can be used to form complex networks allowing multiple processors to comunicate with each other wirelessly.