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Pic-axe 28x1 programming

I just got the all my parts for the start here robot, and its fully contructed however i have almost no clue on how to program it. Could someone posibly link me the most usefull pic-axe guide for basic? And/or have any tips or suggestions for programming of the start here robot?

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Open your picaxe programmer, click the help menu and select one of the 3 PDF manuals. #2 is the basic one.
thanks chris

I gotta be straight with ya, my friend because it seems you might make a major mistake around here. I might just save you life here... The #1 most horrible thing you can do here on LMR is ask questions that are in the manual... People have been banned for it. Case in point: Soldering the 3rd pin for the head servo is CLEARLY  covered in the start-here instructions. There is even a picture. Also, in the manuals (interfacing circuts) there is a whole write-up on "how to connect a servo".

In terms of programming, and building, as you followed the instructions to build the robot, I'm sure you noticed the information on testing your servo... If this step had not been skipped, you would not be asking about the 3rd pin.

This is a great place, with great people who really want to help, but LMR helps those who help themselves. My advice: READ ALL OF THE MANUALS!!!!! Try all the little projects they show, follow the start here instructions, do everything you can do to avoid asking a basic question that is IN THE MANUAL!!


Very much agree that it was a silly mistake, now after glancing quickly at the manuals i see theres and entire page dedicated to servos, i guess the search button in the manuals will become my new best friend. Thanks for pointing out my mistake as well as helping me, i really love this community, and would love to be a larger part in it. Having seen the progress you've made in several months has given me a lot of hope, and i really admire your work, especially walter. see you around.