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My latest trash find!!!

My neighbor was throwing out this computer. I asked if I could have it. He said "sure, it doesnt work anymore". I asked what was wrong with it and he said "I don't know, it wont turn on". I told him I would take it and see if there were any parts we could use. I took it in the house, plugged it in and got an error message. The hard drive was pretty crappy and small. So I took the hard drive out of a DVR, formated it, and put it in this computer and installed a fresh copy of XP. I vaccumed out the inside (it was nasty). Then took some 409 all purpose cleaner to the outside. It cleaned up nice! Makes a nice eddition to our work space. I have it set up to run Eagle and a few other programs on as a design station, plus I ran a new outlout so it could access the internet.

My wife, when she saw me walk through the door she said "What are you doing with that old computer? Do you have to bring that in here? LOL, she is signing a different tune now that it is all set up. its not the greatest computer, wouldnt be good for games but it works great for the purpose I wanted it for! 

My trash find 

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i guess keeping my desk clean comes from my military background. 'dress right dress' has been pushed into my brain so much. lol.

voodoobot, feel free to send over your "junk" to me :)

You'd love what you'd be finding in my trash soon... a pII dual 400 with onboard scsi2 68pin and 50(it was used as a file server for many years, never failed on me) and a poweredge 2400 server with fast hardware raid, redundent power supply and scsci drives in hot swap bays...in a very BIIIG case...think desktopX3

Sadly I have no room/use for these two(scavenging seems like a crime on these) plus a few others...  :/

Very compact, appears to have adequate resources, and can connect to the Web what more could you ask for. Great find! And question, how in the world do you keep your desk so clean? Maybe having a wife helps…

what is junk to one person, might be a fortune to another person  :)
looks great, really old though
i know. i was surprised that win xp runs on it. eagle and my other cad software and some graphics programs all seem to be working alright so far.