Let's Make Robots!

Barebone 74HC240 Solar HEAD

face the light with it's evil grin



  • Lenght: 75 mm 
  • Width: 60 mm 
  • Height: 54 mm 
  • Weight: 44 g

Free Forming Technique





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I Like your minimalistic designs, particulary the use of the bottom gear being the base to stabalise and also being part of the drive system.

The same goes for intergating the circuitry as part of the "ArtWork"

..........(how about some polymorph Oakleys)

uh, when you write: ."(how about some polymorph Oakleys)" what do you mean? i have no idea :)

i have placed an order of polyshit 2 weeks ago...

i hope it will arrive soon :\

You're not supposed to eat polymorph, and even if you do, your body can't digest it, so if it comes out, it will still be polymorph

It is documented to be degradable, so maybe if you ate it again and again?
i bet that if you eat polimorph one hundred times... it eventually became polishit!
Alright, I'm in, but who's gonna eat all that polymorph (over and over again)?
I like it :)