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Well its been a while, but i finally finished the base. Right now everythings held down with double sided foam tape, but i plan on cable tying the motors down. Thanks to oddbot's tutorial i made a nice mounting bracket, cept the lighter discoloerd the shapelock a bit. I got all the wiring sorted out, thanks to isotope i was able to get my ping running. Right now i just have to order some header pins, and maybe the wheels (if anyone has a link to nice ones that fit onto the geared motors in the "start here" bot that'd be great) but i was waiting a bit because im going to order an arduino at the same time. I just need some help with the code, ill be attaching it to this post hopefully. Due to the lack of a servo, the entire body of the bot will be turning left and right to scan once it detects an object. Vid will be up soon. Im still unsure if i got the code for the ping down. 



Last minute edit: 

i added the servo and screwed the ping bracket onto the servo horn






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Your code would be much more readable if you had written comments.

Use comments as inline documentation : intended vs observed behaviour and pinouts.

For example.

a good hour last night writing a begginers guide to coding for you, it went through most of the basics of coding from oporators to variables. Unfortunatly i was too tired to finish it last night and planned to do it now. However i didnt save it and my missus either turned it off or a windows update installed, eitehr wya i lost it when my computer restarted. I will make time to do it again for you  tonight, 
alright thanks mate, cant wait to see it

 You should see the jumper on your board


Remove it


And hook up your second power supply to pins. Could look like this.


Check the Picaxe manual for correct polarity. You can actually see it on last image below the project board. :) 

awesome, so after its hooked up like you showed the second power supply is automatically diverted to motors/servos?
All outputs are powered by 2nd power supply if you use it.
I am working on the same project, I wish I had slowed down and played with the code a bit as I built mine.  I think the way you are going you will end up with a great bot :)
thanks man, i saw your bot and it looked really clean and well built. I just glanced through the manuals and tried a couple of the projects in it.
Noticed it the video and stills there is NO capacitors on those motors. You really need to put a .01 or so disc cap on each one to keep the noise from arcing brushes getting into the works and gumming it all up electrically speaking of course.You got a good start keep it going.
alright thanks, ill look into it