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Theo Jansen legs - possible applications

Here is an open invote to all of you to join yet another Shoutbox debate. Oddbot and I are both thinking of ways to mount a vehicle, or creature, on Theo Jansen legs. (use the search box)

Most creatures living on the 'net have two sets of three legs. Each set on a side. In the front and in the back. Many creatures I saw even double up on the legs: six in front, six in the rear. All connected to the same crankshaft in the center of the creature.

See the original Transporter or  Animaris Rhinoceros


At best a TJ-leg touches ground 50% of the crank's revolution (or 180 degrees of the cycle). The foot is air borne the other half of the time. Probably a bit longer. So for a set of legs to replace a wheel, it needs at least two legs. A stable vehicle needs three points of contact. So either give the creature four sets (Transporter) or plenty of legs on opposite sides of the vehicle.

Oddbot poses the question of steering the vehicle. Tank style steering (stopping one thread, powering the other) seems somewhat inelegant for this beautiful piece of art.

I plan to build a "shoe box with legs flush against the sides". But to be honest, steerability has not entered my design plans yet. Mostly because I plan to make it (eventually) a towed vehicle. Maybe I should drop Mr Jansen a line. My version probably will be much lighter to pull...

tj-biped_svg.c125.87 KB
tj-hexapod-sidelegs_svg.c53.78 KB
tj-multipods-frontrearlegs.svg_.c85.71 KB
tj-sidelegs-arrangement.svg_.c262.02 KB

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Is this a theory based on a combination of TJ's with tank style stearing and the princible from the Mecanum wheels?

Maybe I need to dig out the Lego to do some quick proto-testing again..

Yes it is. Originally I was thinking omni wheels or mecanum wheels but I realised a single wheel or roller mounted at 45 degrees was all thats needed.

TJ legs on rollerskates :D 

I have given this a lot of thought. Because it reminds me off a crab I want to make a crab bot. For it to move like a crab I would have to have each leg driven seperatly and pivot for turning. It would end up more like a hexapod but with fewer servos.

Individual drive. I see. Hmmm. Klan linkage?

Sticking to TJ-legs: I hope to sketch some configurations so we can discuss them easier. Later.

What?!?!?!?!? (see title)


Just because it's not self-powered, does not make it less impressive. Besides, my plans evolve faster then my legs. Did you not see my TING video?
I tried to correct the double (?) negative in the previous comment, but may brain got twisted. Just to rephrase: very cool even without power.